2001 US Hwy 84 E
Ludowici, Georgia  31316
PHONE:  912-545-2069
  FAX:  912-545-2775

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MS Athletic Director:  William Hadley; (912) 532-1458

Long County Middle School offers organized sports to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.  All players must have a current physical in order to participate in any school sport.  The physical form can be downloaded
here  or picked up from the Athletic Director.

Athletics at Long County Middle School are considered an integral part of a student's educational experience. The goals of the program are to help all students have age-appropriate opportunities to:

   * Develop skills and knowledge of game strategies and rules
   * Collaborate and compete with others
   * Use and increase their own unique talents and skills
   * Develop a positive attitude towards themselves, others and their school

The coaches work with the teams to improve performance and promote character, leadership, and sportsmanship.  We take great pride in our program and want all of our players to experience success and a feeling of a job well done.

We would like to invite everyone to all of our sporting events this year and hope you can join us in supporting our fine young athletes.  We are looking forward to a great school year, so come on out and support your Blue Tide.

* Schedules posted are subject to change.


  2019-20 Schedule *​​

  Assistant Coach​​

  Head Coach




Basketball (Boys)
Basketball (Girls)

Soccer (Boys)
Soccer (Girls)


Track (Boys)
Track (Girls)

Cindy Davis

Stevie Harrison

Kristin Barratta

Stevie Harrison
Chester Wagner

Stevie Harrison
Carlton Milton

Dave Madray

Cindy Davis
​Tabitha Sirmans

Chester Wagner

Anthony White
Tyler Chambless
Dwayne Reviere

Carlton Milton

Anthony White
Tabitha Sirmans

Kelsey Higgason
Vera Anderson

Tony White

​Clint Kennedy

​Chester Wagner